"1st post" which actually is not first at all

Yesterday finally got domain name. www.lotart.lv. And thats why I was sending stupid posts to FB. I was testing, if its possible to get tumblr (where I am now actually writing) posts to my website. And - believe it or not - it works.

Still there are lot to do. Some parts are still empty, some must (or just will) be changed. Web and film part will be updated when I will finally scan my first film (with film scanner not like last time when I was scanning pictures (smart, no? :D)) and finish some other films, for web there is not so much to put yet, but anyway, will see, how it will go. Digital part is definitely going to change (when I will understand, how I want to categorize pictures), by now there are two veeeeeeery old albums.

Nothing havent been finished yet, still working, working.

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