Phew… Finally I found batteries for my Zenit CD12. Now I just have to finish this film. I am kinda excited, because there will be also pictures from Berlin and Italy and I don’t remember what I took pictures of. And also this will be the first film which I used with this camera. Ok, actually not the first, because first one I destroyed in Berlins train station while trying to understand how to rewind film. So there will be a lesson - never let yourself to be too excited and to try to do everything right away. If would had wait a bit, I would be at home, browsing internet for manual and everyone (especially me) would be happier. But everything is the way it is. So lets wait for pictures.

Apart from that - buses inspires me. In closest future I have to find someone to make my ideas come true. And I found my passion for veins.

Ah, yeah, this week I should work on some Christmas related pictures. Kinda sad that there is no snow yet, that would help me a lot. Will see how it will go.

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