And tonight I decided that I will get driving license. Sooner or later, preferably sooner. And then I will go around in the night. And then there will be all those street lights and red car back lights. And road, and white road lines. Tonight I walked in the middle of the street. Along that white dashed line. That is such a feeling, like being a king (not queen). Even better than being in the car, because car doesn’t go in the middle of the street, it goes on one side or another.

Tonight is strange night. I start to love coffee. That means that there is something wrong with me. Oh my, world is going crazy.

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Recently I’ve been kinda busy (and still I am), but today I decided to take some time to upload some pictures. These are from 11.11.11. when I went to Jelgava. As I already said - it was the first time when I really went there not just passed by.

Ah, and there are piles of bright plans for bright future.

Ok, but here are pictures from Jelgava: 

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Tomorrow is going to be interesting day. But that’s only tomorrow.

These pictures are from the beginning of October.

And sometimes we get used to wrong things.

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It seems like for me it is hard to make something by order. Until the Christmas there are still few weeks. I hope that meanwhile I will manage to make myself concentrate more. 

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Tonight there was a storm. Quite strong, but not as strong as the one in March of 2008, when meadow was completely full with water and it looked like a mirror. Now I hope for a quick frost (without snow) so water would turn into ice and we could walk over the meadow and look at all the stuff whats left under. It would be like looking through the window. But I don’t think that my wishes will come true. It is snowing a bit right now. And it is not cold enough. They say that wind had changed since 2008 and that’s why there is not that much water in the meadow anymore. Meh, everything changes - we notice that or not. But anyway later there will be some pictures of meadow.

This one is from March of 2008. So you could see the difference later.

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Hopefully tomorrow there will be some Christmas-kind-of-pictures. I don’t have enough energy to post them tonight. It is soooooo windy outside. And that wind runs over the lake and over the meadow and few tree just can’t hold anything back. And time after time there are branches thrown at the window. 

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25/11/2011 2

Mr. Nobody is such a great movie. I just love movies where you can’t really understand whats going on for real, what is imagination, what is a dream. Yes, there are many choices and all of them are right ones. 

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Pictures from 08.10.2011. I don’t know why yesterday I wrote it the way it looked like there will be pictures from 10th of August. 

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Tomorrow there will be pictures from 08.10. Today I am too lazy to post them.

But in general, this is strange time, I am full of (strange) ideas, just I don’t have time. And again the best place for inspiration is 11th bus.

Also, I have rethought some stuff about web site. I hope to find some time (in very close future) to make some changes and improvements.

Meh, life is strange - when you are bored, you can’t imagine anything, when you don’t have any time - ideas are choking you. Or me. I don’t know about you.


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Phew… Finally I found batteries for my Zenit CD12. Now I just have to finish this film. I am kinda excited, because there will be also pictures from Berlin and Italy and I don’t remember what I took pictures of. And also this will be the first film which I used with this camera. Ok, actually not the first, because first one I destroyed in Berlins train station while trying to understand how to rewind film. So there will be a lesson - never let yourself to be too excited and to try to do everything right away. If would had wait a bit, I would be at home, browsing internet for manual and everyone (especially me) would be happier. But everything is the way it is. So lets wait for pictures.

Apart from that - buses inspires me. In closest future I have to find someone to make my ideas come true. And I found my passion for veins.

Ah, yeah, this week I should work on some Christmas related pictures. Kinda sad that there is no snow yet, that would help me a lot. Will see how it will go.

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21/11/2011 2

This is crazy time. I’m looking for job and praxis. Still I shouldn’t forget about studies. At least I already found supervisor for thesis and also theme is more or less defined. Dunno, when was the last time when I felt so alive (if I can say it like that) - plans for “bright future”, lot of stuff to do, lot of possibilities and offers. And in the middle of that all I am happy. Ok, still I would like to get my own place for living, but that will probably come with the job.

And today I watched “Religulous”. I agree with that movie for 101%. Now I will have even more arguments to prove my opinion (ok, I will not argue, but anyway :P).

I just can’t wait for the first snow.

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As I promised - “Birthday of Latvia”. Random pictures from 18.11.2011. 

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Lāčplēša day

Finally I upload pictures from Lāčplēša day (11.11.11.). That was a bit more that one week ago. Very special celebration for Latvians. Lot of candles and warm feeling inside the heart.

“Birthday” pictures are postponed until this evening or tomorrow. Will see. I am kinda late again (or still). There are still pictures from beginning of october, which I haven’t posted yet. Not that bad. :)

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Pictures from “Birthday” of Latvia probably will be uploaded tomorrow. Tonight I feel more like forest. And I am somehow angry with manhood. Maybe not with all of them, but with some persons who are not grown up enough to deal with problems in civilized and common-sense way. And at the end I am the one “bad person”. Ok, but that’s nothing new, in a while I’ve already learned how to deal with this role. Lets talk about something less boring.

Yesterday was a nice day. A bit grey, but full with red and white feelings. Lot of flags, children, old people and patriotism. I am proud of being Latvian.

But now pictures from 12.11.2011.

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Tonight I saw falling star. And tonight I will post pictures from 22.10.

And today I made my to-do list. To complete everything, I should be working for 24/7 at least next few months. If only it was possible. That’s why I am not doing anything.

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Travel is Dangerous

Yes, it is.

Today I got lot of questions. And I had to confirm that I had said truth and only truth. And I confirmed, because I don’t know if it is true. So I can’t say that it is not.

Erotic man is beautiful movie. I just loved the way director showed beauty of woman.

Today I am kinda short in my sentences so maybe it will be enough, if I say - pictures from 1st of October. There is not much to describe. One of many strange evenings when there is that feeling, that you have to get out as fast as possible. Before sun sets, before moon rises, before anything can happen.

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13/11/2011 2

Yeey! Another Sunday with cake. And I bought flowers. It is sometimes nice to give a present with no reason. And feeling is also nice. Another week had passed and I feel like I can do everything. Even with force I can’t make myself feel bad. Ok, why should I do that.

But tonight I was going by buses. And I usually think how it would feel if I would get in an accident. If bus would go off the road or off the bridge. How fast I would react, what I would do. And I realized that winter is nice time. Because there is not that painful dusk before night and before morning. Night is darker and longer and more strict. Morning is not spoiled by the light at 5 AM and we can feel mystic of the night already at 5 PM. Magic of the night is much longer. And that is great.

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Yesterday I didn’t have internet (and tv and phone), so I had some time to work on some already old pictures from the end of September (24th of September). They are from harvest festival - Miķeļdiena. Full of vegetables, handicrafts, animals and dancing people. Next pictures will be from October - different kind of autumn pictures, also with some frost. Somehow I can’t wait for first snow. This brown greyness is kinda depressive, although recently I’ve forgot what is that. And that is cool feeling when nothing can let you down. 

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Some kind of never ending optimism recently. Today I went to Jelgava. First time in my life when I was there not just to go through to get to another place. Nice city and weather was great. Tomorrow there will be some pictures. Also from Lāčplēša day celebration. And I went by train. It was so cool. I miss trains. They are almost as good as planes. We like to feel higher. Probably trucks would be better than trains. I don’t have so big experience with that, but I think, they make you feel higher. At least higher than other cars. What else I wanted to say? Ah, yes, finally I can go to sleep without thinking when I have to get up and it turned out that anything can lead my thoughts strange ways. Just give me train and I will start tophilosophize about train drivers life. 

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Some shots of Daira. Complete randomness and spontaneity. Because it is Daira and you can never catch her.

There will be some full moon shots. No, not shots of full moon, but ones you make without any reason, just because it is full moon. And that explains everything.

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