09/11/2011 2

Some more pictures from Riga (11th of September) which I don’t feel like posting anywhere else because I don’t feel like doing anything at all. Second day feeling like walking dead. 

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Alarm woke me up at 8:30. Of course I realized that I will not be able to do anything at that time, so I just let myself sleep further. So until 9:30 I was dreaming about stabbing one person with pen. For the sake of persons privacy, I will not mention his name, but anyway. I was waiting behind the door with pen and then - when he appeared, I attacked him. Attempts to stab his heart was without success. I don’t know what was there, but I just was not able to cut his flesh. Then I moved lower to stomach, but then it was already too late and I was neutralized. And then everyone was laughing for my attempts. Yeah, kinda lame dream, but full moon is coming, so it’s not my fault.

And now from pleasant part to duties.

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I would fall asleep right now if I wouldn’t have so much stuff to do. Trying to save situation with green tea, bet it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe finally I am at that point when it is understandable that I’ve took too many challenges and duties.

Good night.

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Heartbeats of London

Tonight I touched heartbeats of London. It felt as strange as it sounds.

And last night I was catching trains. And they never stopped.

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Greeting Haskell. Not as bad as it sounded at first. I still have 3 days and 13 minutes to learn something more (than nothing, like it is now). That is called optimism.

Things are changing and it’s cool. Next week will be crazy.

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Ice cream cakes

I should start to make pictures of what I’ve seen in my dreams. Tonight we were making ice cream cake out of ice cream and news papers. And everyone was eating. And everyone was happy. Maybe tonight I let something to go. Bolzano will be like Chernobyl for me. We were there, we were happy, we were anything, but then we left and that’s it. I shouldn’t return not to spoil my idea about that place, not to destroy my believes. Ok, that sounds too depressive, but it’s not. Not at all. Better lets go to France. I still hope to get train tickets. 

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Today tons of physics, overheated room, 80kidz and looking for plane tickets. Ou, yeah, there are tickets, just still we have no idea about trains. There is still a hope that soon there will appear some info for beginning of December. Yeeey, I’m super excited ^^. Want to get away from here so badly.

And champagne and cake etc. Could you also stay with someone for 23 years?

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Eheey, I had dreams about slaughterhouse and grass cutting. Two guys were killing cows in the bus. One used electroshock, another meanwhile cut head of the cow. And then I was cutting grass with small toy car. We all like to cut something time after time.

Good morning, it’s Saturday and tons of stuff to do.

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Maybe I want the snow again

This night is kinda calm after yesterday. Slowly trying to study, but still this evening is too short and I am too tired. Tomorrow morning there is the deadline. I should start to plan my time again, everything is such a mess.

And then there came one cool idea in my mind. Will see if I will be brave enough to ask and how it will turn out. For me it seems like it could be good cooperation.

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04/11/2011 2

I still feel a bit dizzy or sleepy, or lazy. But then there is 80kidz and it’s just impossible to fall asleep. So on the wave of craziness I am posting some random pictures from past few months which I didn’t know how to categorize. 

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Neither crisis, nor going upwards. Strange time. Maybe because of November. Month of frost. People get frozen also. From inside and outside. I want to travel to some place I’ve never been. But now I have to make myself get up and shine. 

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02/11/2011 2

Oh, finally I’ve burned all the Christmas candles I had. Now my inner pyromaniac can go to sleep. Maybe in a few days there will be also some “oh, there is a candle and i have a camera, you know….” kind of pictures. But not tonight. I am still supposed to study, but haven’t done anything. And now I have to listen to Foals - Black Gold because I finally found it. And from time to time I miss my dog. 

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There is nothing much to comment. Pictures from Port of Jaunciems. Actually - more of going-away birds than port. Beginning of September 

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The future is not what it used to be

Morning sun is somewhere very far. Maybe in Bolzano. And it had been like this already for few days. And it will be for at least few more. It’s autumn, it’s November. But pictures are from Bolzano in April before thunder. These are last ones from Italy, this time I am sure. 

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I want to take pictures of people. Anyone? Not tonight, maybe not even tomorrow, but one day, some day. Just ask me and I’ll be there.

I am in kind of “pink glasses of childishness period”. That’s why we need more carousels.

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Randomness and love

Strange morning. Strange “in love” feeling towards time, place, weather and music, nothing I could personalize. Apart from me going crazy - there will be some random pictures from the day I got my 40D. It had been a while (since august), but they would fit this morning - pictures which doesn’t have anything in common with each other. 

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"I" in the "cold light of morning"

Nights seem darker. And then that blunt “cold light of morning”. I found inspiration for closest future. And I still don’t know, if I can say verbs without adding “I”. If then they make sense. Just “I” annoys me.

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Some autumn shots with Elina on Friday. 

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So here we go - Gardaland

At the very end of my period of staying in Italy, I also got to try some more roller coasters in Gardaland. Even thinking about that excites me. So yeah, there will be some pictures from very happy day of my life :D because of roller coasteeeeeers ^^

These three are still from Verona

And now pictures from the park: 

  Waiting for train to go home: 

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