28/10/2011 2

Yeeeey, I found some secret folder and there are still more pictures from Italy. Today I’ll post some from April. Another days you can wait for something from GardaLand and maybe something else - will see. 

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Meh, last night again electricity disappeared. Before that I had such a big plans, but it ended up with sitting in the complete dark, with no internet and browsing pictures I still haven’t posted. So today there will be last pictures from Italy - Merano at the end of June. 

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Meh, today I feel like dying. Hope that feeling will go away until evening because there are still lot of stuff to do.

But apart from that - Colle - Kohlern in 29th of May (2011).

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As I promised

There are some pictures from this morning. I regret that I didn’t have enough time to get out of bus on the bridge and take some pictures. It just looked like there is only a border of bridge and after that just a white, white nothing in stead of lake. 

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Feels like rise and shine. That today I can manage to do anything. Haven’t felt this good in a while. That’s what happens when people stop to expect something. Only thinking I can’t quit, but that is not that bad at the end.

In the morning (and still a bit) there was fog. So dense. I woke up, took camera and just ran out half dressed, not to miss anything. That’s the best way to wake up. Later in the evening I hope to post some pictures. Wish me luck.

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Actually looking at this veeery old picture, I remembered that I have to watch again Le scaphandre et le papillon. And I have to learn german and finish to learn italian. And make new 5-year plan, and, and, and… Tonight I have energy for ten. 

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Its so strange - I have no idea what to write. 

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23/10/2011 3

Some random shot from 16th of October.

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23/10/2011 2

Finally decided to put in order some stuff which I haven’t touched for some years, something even for five or ten. It’s so strange to reread old greeting cards, letters and love letters from people I don’t see anymore and probably will not ever again.

Heh, found also one which I wrote, but never gave away. Letter for guy which I saw every morning in the train when going to school. Almost 5 years had passed and I reopened it just now. He even had wedding ring on his finger. Don’t remember why then I was about to do such a crazy thing. But then I moved away and since then there is no train in the mornings, just buses and buses, and buses.

Maybe you should go to your shelf and check whats there? Are there demons or unfulfilled dreams?

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It used to be like that. So pink and round. But apart from that I will write piles of letters. 

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San Genesio

I keep posting pictures. These are from trip to San Genesio. Most of them were taken while going up and down by cable car (apart from the first one, which I took at the center of Bolzano), because up in San Genesio it was raining heavily and we didn’t manage to see anything/go anywhere. Pictures were made at 22nd of May, 2011. 

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

When I feel like this, I want to play piano. When I will grow up, I will buy one and play like I used to 10 years ago. Oh, time runs so badly. One year, another, five, ten, fifty, dead. 

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Antique Car Show

Finally I am moving forward with posting pictures. Now I am finally at the end of May. Ok, anyway I am still 5 month back in time, but that’s not important.

These pictures are from Bolzano, Italy. There was antique car show where we got by accident and it happened that I had camera with me. Ehhh, I miss that place, weather and people.

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When I will finish galleries, these pictures will also go there. But apart from that - these were made in Munich, Germany in April 2011. Finally I post them somewhere. 

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Yesterday I was sitting at children’s playground and thinking about those children, who were playing there. How many of them will celebrate their 10th birthday, how many will get to 20th and so on, who they will become, who they will stay with, if they will become friends with their play-mates, if they will be smokers or teachers, if they will be artists or heavy drinkers (or both), or maybe they will go in space or sleep on streets. I wish we knew. 

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“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.” (Orson Welles)

True, so true.

But life is beautiful anyway. Maybe in weekend I will finally have some time to post some (already old) pictures, they were made two weeks ago (actually some also since April, but I am not proud of that :D).

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Champagne - best thing what I could expect from this evening. Tired, tired, tired. But I will not give up. Not this time. 

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Stockholm syndrome


But apart from that nothing had really changed. I wish I had more time to take pictures, but there are tons of other more important stuff to do. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

Have no idea why, but if people could fall in love with situations, I would fall in love with going by bus or train (about tram and trolleybuses I am not so sure) in the late evening or night. There is something special about that. But I don’t know what. Let’s just leave it like that.

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Tonight some falling stars and bright yellow moon over the lake. 

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About yesterday

Actually one building fell down tonight. Ok, there were only 3 not 30 floors, 3rd and 2nd floor fell on 1st. Someone died, someone survived. Maybe there is no point to think about that. Coincidences are all around us. 

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