About falling buildings

There is nothing much to say in and about this morning. Yesterday I watched Il Padrino III. Terribly sad movie, especially the ending.

And last night electricity disappeared and blinked like in horror movies few seconds before the evil one comes in your room and stabs you (or eats you, or whichever is the most scary situation that comes in your mind). All lights stayed pale and it was hard to see around. Internet, of course disappeared, because there was not high enough voltage to make modem work.

And then I dreamed that I am again in Italy, in university and I am in the dark at the window waiting for someone and I see how 30 floors building falls down. No, not on one or another side, but just goes straight in the ground. And then I am around the entrance to see if someone had survived. Yes, there were people coming out, but at the moment when police and ambulance people got in, I went away, because I knew that now there will be only dead bodies. Again that feeling - “to watch” or “not to watch”. Recently I can make myself go away. About tonight dreams - “Dreams, as a rule, are valid.” So no one should go to Italy, because of falling buildings. They said, its because of people who want to have apartments as one big room. And then there are no walls. And then everything falls.

But why so depressive. Nothing had happened yet. :)

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Friday I'm in love

Die Liebe ist ein wildes Tier… Meh, we can tame everything. But still Rammstein - Amour is a nice song.

Again a lot of tea and huge plans for studying. At this point I should also start to learn Symfony. Will see how it goes. At the end I will find myself at a pile of “must do” lists and that “wild animal” will be purring at my legs.

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Rainbow after thunder

Seems like I am doing everything right way. There was even rainbow in the morning after thunder and lightening in the night. Now I’ve got my own Insomnia. Couldn’t fall asleep until 3 and woke up at 8 (without alarm).

I am still in love with long, long, long letters. Receiving and writing. If I weren’t so mingy, probably I would even use envelopes and postmarks, and wait for 3 weeks to send and to receive them. One of them just made my day.

And another thing which made me happy. It turned out that fotografet.lv had chosen my picture as a picture of the day.

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About wednesday

Yesterday I started to read Ilze Jansone - Insomnia. I had that book for almost 2 years, but until now I couln’t manage to start to read it. Book is strange (in good way). About girl who studies theology and what she is looking for in life. Lot of existentialism, which is kinda perfect for me at this moment.

Apart from that - today dealt with some kind of study debts. And now there is beautiful evening in front of my windows.

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Actually maybe even picture size is not cool. I don’t know. Will try to get used to. Anyway for blog there is no point to put 800x600 pictures.

Slowly posting something old.

Some randomness from 2 days before giving thesis. Also picture from previous post was made at the same time.

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"1st post" which actually is not first at all

Yesterday finally got domain name. www.lotart.lv. And thats why I was sending stupid posts to FB. I was testing, if its possible to get tumblr (where I am now actually writing) posts to my website. And - believe it or not - it works.

Still there are lot to do. Some parts are still empty, some must (or just will) be changed. Web and film part will be updated when I will finally scan my first film (with film scanner not like last time when I was scanning pictures (smart, no? :D)) and finish some other films, for web there is not so much to put yet, but anyway, will see, how it will go. Digital part is definitely going to change (when I will understand, how I want to categorize pictures), by now there are two veeeeeeery old albums.

Nothing havent been finished yet, still working, working.

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