How to edit album URL in Koken

I am not really into writing tutorials and similar blog posts, but recently I ran into issue, that I was not able to change url for albums which I created in Koken (default url was created and it consisted of random numbers and letters which is not too user friendly). After looking around in google, there were lots of posts from people who had similar issue, but none of them offered actual solution so here it is.


1. You should have access to your database (easiest way - phpMyAdmin)

2. You should have access to edit code of your Koken web site (easiest way - cPanel usually allows you to edit files straight there, if you can't access them through ftp)


There are only 2 steps - editing value in DB and updating markup.

1. In your DB find table "koken_albums" and there find row of albums which URL you would like to update. "listed" column is the one which is responsible for letting you edit URL. If you see that value is 0, change it to 1 and update the row.

2. Open file library.tmpl.html (you can find it in admin/templates/) and go to row 1023, there should be <a> element with title "Edit URL slug" which is wrapped in

< !-- ko if: sidebar.asset.listed -- >< !-- /ko -- >

You have to remove this "wrapper" to let "Edit" be visible.

Now you can refresh your page and "Edit" button should be visible.

Note: I am using version 0.22.0 so I can't guarantee that it will work in another versions. Also - be careful with DB part, I don't take any responsibility ;) Good luck!